and why you will end up using Docker to deploy them.

Python happens to be the most popular AI & Data Science programming language to exist, JS/TS being known as the Language of the browser, and a C-like programming language for capturing any idea onto the cloud, GO. However, there’s a gap that needs to be filled with regards to Modern Web Applications, that’s were containers come into play.

The Stacks

Using AWS Fargate to build Serverless API’s with AWS ECS

Building your Serverless Microservices without the limitation of AWS Lambda another popular Microservice, this guide will go through why AWS Fargate might be your next solution for your application, and how to implement using Docker and AWS Amplify.

Why use containers for your web app?

Okay, I get why AppSync uses Velocity (VTL) as their resolvers for DynamoDB, being the top NoSQL is no easy feat. However customization can be a nightmare if you don’t have the background or time to learn Velocity.

Traditional AWS AppSync Resolver

And while Amplify AppSync API has lots of integrated GraphQL (Schema Definition Language) SDL modeling resources for developing a fully supported back-end with the help of AWS CloudFormation, you still have limitations with regards to Authentication Logic, Business Logic, or some other Real-Time Logic applied to your Data Source.

The Introduction to Lambda Resolvers

There are multiple approaches to implementing a lambda resolver with your AWS AppSync…

Using API Gateway with SES to send Emails with Attachments for a simple contact form. (Amplify Framework/React JS)

AWS Amplify simplifies the manual setup for our backend. Having created a React project as well as configuring it with the Amplify Console we can begin setting up our serverless backend.

Getting Started

Make sure you have the Amplify CLI npm package

npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli

Install all Amplify modules or just the API Gateway module.

npm i aws-amplify or npm i @aws-amplify/api

Now we begin installing our backend API which creates a lambda function to perform our serverless operations.

amplify add api



M.S. Electrical Engineer, Working as a Software Developer mainly with AWS.

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